St. Patrick's Day Parade Rules

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Application Deadline: March 1, 2016.

Parade Participants... please remember that this is a community event and is intended for viewing by all families and all ages... dress and behavior should reflect a "G" rating.


  • ALL MUST ATTEND the mandatory Captain’s Meeting on Monday, March 11, 7:00 pm at the Delray Beach Community Center, 50 NW 1st Ave.
  • Drivers: Copies of your Drivers License and Insurance are required and must be submitted with the application.  Your application will not be accepted without it. 
  • For safety reasons, children under the age of 6 must ride on a float/vehicle.
  • No alcoholic beverages will be allowed on floats, in the line-up area or during the length of the parade. Consumption of such beverages will not be tolerated and will result in immediate removal from the parade and future events thereafter.
  • The parade will begin at the Intracoastal, proceed west on Atlantic Avenue to NW 5th Ave . A map showing starting positions and parade route is enclosed. 
  • Parade Staging area location and staging time to be provided once approved for entrance into the parade. 
  • Judging for all entries will take place at the Judging Area/MC located in front of the Tennis Center. Dance/Cheer Groups will have the opportunity to a 20-second stationary performance. Stopping will not be permitted anywhere else along the parade route.  If you create a gap between entries, you will not be judged.
  • Police safety rules prohibit throwing candy or other items from cars, floats, etc. and city ordinance prohibit consumption of alcoholic beverages. “Silly String” and “snap ‘n pops” are prohibited.
  • All floats must be fireproofed. Information on alternate methods of fireproofing is available from the Delray Beach Fire Department. 561-243-7400 
  • Solicitation of funds or selling of merchandise during the parade is not permitted unless approved by the Parade Committee. 
  • All entries using sound amplifying devices shall maintain a volume that will not interfere with other entries. 
  • Maximum Float Height Restriction:  15 feet from the ground. 
  • No Monster Trucks
  • Tow vehicles and trailers shall be properly serviced for gas, oil, coolant, tires and battery prior to reporting to the staging area. The Parade Producer and Delray Beach Police/Fire Department retain the right to prohibit any unsafe vehicle or    trailer rom participating in the parade. 
  • All vehicles must have a valid license plate as required by law and functioning horn, headlights, brake lights and parking lights. 
  • Driver must have proper 180 degree vision (or communications) and proper ventilation. 
  • All flatbed trucks or trailers with riders must have a railing at least 12” above the float platform using wood, metal or a   substantial substitute. Consultation with professionals experienced in construction techniques shall be done to ensure the railing will withstand the force imposed upon it by the persons on board.  
  • Operators must be securely mounted and installed away from decorations and riders. Generators must be equipped with a metal exhaust, which could terminate either in a common exhaust or extend to the exterior of the float (same as vehicle exhaust). 
  • No sharp or unfinished edges should be exposed. All motorized apparatus shall be provided with an approved 2A-10BC rating fire extinguisher accessible to the operator.  
  • Floats being towed with people on board shall have at least one accessible 2A-10BC extinguisher on the float. Each standing float rider must have an approved body support. All seating on towed vehicles or floats must be properly secured. 
  • All floats must have a minimum of four wheel walkers (adults) stationed on the four “corners” of the float,  including tow vehicle. Entries must provide their own walkers. 
  • No person shall be allowed to get on and off a float after the parade begins, except for emergency reasons. In the case of an emergency, the float should pull to the curb and stop. The person involved in the emergency will be removed and the float may re-enter the parade. 
  • All groups must march to the end of the parade route, which is NW 5th Ave.   Note:  immediately upon making the turn onto NW 5th Ave., your performance has ended—Music and performances must stop.