Judging Criteria

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Orderly marching, walking, appropriate attire (uniform, Irish, etc)


Irish or Theme Related; Live Band


Presentation - Costumes, Uniformity


Presentation at reviewing stand. Orderly, time limit, line formation, professional


Is the theme of the Parade displayed? How is this Presented?


 5 points is the highest attainable in each category (25 Points Total) 

There are 4 judges. Each judge scores each group individually. Total scores of each judge for each category are discussed and comments are shared. Total highest points combined is the winner.

Floats are usually associated with an organization, however, each float is judged independently of this group. Comments are especially important in this area as to the details, i.e. Painting, music, appearance.

Bands that are not signed up as marching units are not eligible for awards but are considered part of a group when judging an entire group.