Living Sustainably

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We understand the importance of reducing waste, properly managing solid waste activities in the city and providing transparent and self-sustaining services that comply with all environmental regulations.. Garbage collection, recycling, and bulk trash pickups are managed by the city’s Neighborhood and Community Services –  Sanitation Division, which hold a contract with Waste Management (WM), our City's trash hauler. Delray Beach's trash is transported by WM to the Solid Waste Authority facility in the northern section of our county and most is incinerated.

Educating the community and providing an array of sustainable solid waste management options is important in maintaining the overall health and sustainability of our community.  We ask residents to learn about and commit to proper recycling - recycling that correctly sorts recycling items into blue bins for co-mingled glass, cans and recyclable plastics, and yellow bins for clean paper and cardboard.  Proper recycling, in contrast to "wishful" recycling (putting items one hopes will be recycled" into the recycling bin reduces the contamination, making the recycled products more valuable and viable in the recycled market.  As they say, "When in doubt, throw it out!"  The graphic below lists items that can be placed in the blue and yellow bin.


The Solid Waste Authority also offers residents the opportunity to properly dispose of household hazardous waste and other uncommon items that require a special disposal process at the local waste transfer station located on SW 4th Avenue, adjacent to Miller Park.  Items that require special disposal include: batteries, electronics, paint cans, pesticides containers and tattered US flags.

PACE Program 

PACE (Property Assessed Clean Energy) is a financing platform that reduces the barrier to making property improvements which address energy efficiency, green energy or hurricane wind mitigation by allowing property owners to finance these type of home or building improvements through an voluntary non ad valorem assessment on their property tax bill. Now residents have access to the following programs:

These programs will finance qualifying improvement projects, including energy efficiency, renewable energy and wind resistant property improvements to residential and commercial property which is re-paid alongside your property taxes. Property owner are advised to research each agency’s terms and conditions prior to selecting one to do business with. Qualified contractors may be interested in getting certified as an installer in collaboration with their financing products.

Go Solar 

Thinking of going solar? South Florida is a great place to go solar. Costs for solar panels a more affordable. Solar panels could reduce your monthly power bill significantly and through 2019 you may be eligible to receive a federal tax credit on the purchase of the equipment.  Both homeowners and businesses can benefit from installing a solar power system, either with or without a battery storage system. Before installing a solar power system you will need to submit an application and obtain a permit from our  Building Division Residential property owners may want to discuss your improvement with your homeowners association with respect to placement of the solar panel, but the State of Florida prohibits home owner associations from denying a property owners right to install solar.

Solar Co-op

Solar cooperatives or “co-ops” have been developed regionally by third-party, non-profit organizations that want to help neighbors organize to purchase and install solar equipment in “bulk”.  By pulling together many households into a group -a CO OP- , the participants are able to leverage their buying power and purchase solar arrays and installation at a lower cost.  Also, the solar co-ops send out requests for proposals to receive bids from multiple solar vendors and installers. The bids are carefully reviewed by solar experts and members of the community, and one vendor is chosen for the group.  This model helps diminish fears of selecting an overpriced or under qualified installer, or having faulty work done.

Property owners interested in participating in a solar co-op should visit the Solar United Neighbors website to learn more. For General Information on solar cooperatives.

In Palm Beach County, the League of Women Voters has organized two solar cooperative in partnership with Florida Solar United Neighborhoods (FL SUN), a statewide organizer of solar cooperatives.

Growing Plants and Trees

We’re committed to planting trees, creating and maintaining green spaces and natural habitats, and educating the public about the value of green, biodiverse community spaces and food systems. We actively partner with non-profit organizations that advance these efforts, and encourage residents interested in growing food and plants to get involved with one of the four community gardens operated by local organizations.

To learn about their activities, visit their web pages.

Community Greening

Wise Tribe

Delray Beach Children's Garden