Climate Resiliance

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Delray beach's coastal neighborhoods and vibrant downtown economy are key assets, and features that will be increasingly challenged as the community confronts the various impacts of the changing climate. managing, mitigating, and preparing for the interrelated hydro-logical issues caused by sea level rise, intense rain events, tropical storms, coastal and inland flooding, storm surge and saltwater intrusion are critical to maintaining the quality of life that under-grids Delray Beach's success. 

In 2014, the City Commission tasked the Rising Water Task Force, a citizen-lead group of local environmental experts and concerned residents to assess the challenges the City faces from hydro-logical climate change impacts and make recommendations to advance resilience. The Task Force's report, published in April of 2017 was presented to City Commission in June of 2017.

For more information on climate resilience projects visit Resilient Delray.