City Internal Auditor

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The City Auditor’s Office was established pursuant to Section 4.10-4.11 of City Ordinance 31-15, to review business practices, procedures, internal controls, and procurement practices that are used, employed and promulgated by the City of Delray Beach. The Internal Auditor reports exclusively to the City Commission but shall review any matter related to city business upon request of a majority of the City Commission or the City Manager.

Internal Audit provides independent, objective assurance, as well as consulting services in order to add value and improve City-wide operations. Internal Audit achieves its mission and assists the City in accomplishing its objectives by providing key information to stakeholders and the public to maintain accountability; to help improve program performance and operations; to promote effective controls at a reasonable cost; to facilitate decision making via analyses, appraisals and recommendations; and to stimulate continues process improvement.

Files and Report

Internal Audit Plan - Fiscal 2019


 Julia Davidyan, DBA, CPA, CGAP

 Internal Auditor