Reclaimed Water Status

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Reclaimed Water Status:

Reclaimed Water is currently being provided to the Barrier Island and areas along NW 2nd St (Martin Luther King, Jr Dr) for the purpose of lawn watering and irrigation of landscaping.

Can reclaimed water service be interrupted? 

Yes, because the pipe that the City uses to carry reclaimed water to the barrier island and the NW2nd Ave corridor is also used by the South Central Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant (SCRWWTP) for ocean outfall discharge.  On occasion, due to operation issues or facility modifications, the SCRWWTP needs to use this pipe to discharge their effluent to the ocean.  When this occurs, reclaimed water will not be available for irrigation.


How long can the reclaimed water service be interrupted?

Although reclaimed water service can be interrupted at any time, it is a rare occurrence and usually of short duration.  The SCRWWTP works hard to minimize any down time; from a few hours to a couple of days.  When this happens we post notifications on our website that explains the problem and estimates when service will be restored.

Questions or Additional Information?

Contact the Water/Sewer Network Manager at 561-243-7312 if you are experiencing a problem with the reclaimed water system servicing your property.

For general information regarding the South Central Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant, please visit their website :