FOGFOG refers to FATS, OILS and GREASE which are typically used when cooking, sautéing or baking.


FOG can have a negative effect on the sewer systems, whether a residential home, or a commercial business. While the final cooked product certainly adds flavor to your food, here are some helpful hints to keep in mind:

Do Not

  • Pour fats, oils and grease from cooking down the kitchen sink drain or garbage disposal.
  • Use the sewer to dispose of food scraps.
  • Use the toilet as a wastebasket for garbage or chemicals. These items can kill beneficial bacteria used for sewage treatment.
  • Put produce stickers down the drain.
  • Plant trees with shallow, spreading root systems near your sewer lateral. Tree roots seek water sources, such as cracked sewer lines. Once the roots penetrate the line through the cracks, the roots can create a dense mat and trap materials
  • Dispose of disposable diapers or flushable wipes


  • Collect grease in a container and dispose of it in the garbage.
  • Place food scraps in the garbage for disposal with solid waste or start a compost pile.
  • Place a wastebasket in the bathroom to dispose of solid waste. Disposable diapers and personal hygiene products do not belong in the sewer system.