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COVID-19 Guidelines Related to Large Building Water System Start-Up

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COVID-19 Guidelines Related to Large Building Water System Start-Up

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) together with the American Waterworks Association (AWWA) and Florida Rural Water Association (FRWA) are urging building managers to freshen water systems before reopening.

With little or no water running through building water pipes and fixtures for an extended period of time, Legionella is more likely to proliferate. Stagnant water conditions can result in discolored water, lower chlorine levels and higher concentrations of lead and copper.

To address these concerns, AWWA encourages its member utilities to raise awareness among their customers about guidance from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on how to safely prepare water systems and end-use devices before reopening buildings or residences. The CDC offers additional resources, including the Toolkit: Developing a Water Management Program to Reduce Legionella Growth and Spread in Buildings.

Fresh water should be drawn into building water systems and stagnant water flushed out before they are reopened. Additional guidelines can also be found on the FRWA website at