Pay For Parking

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Payment Options

  • Parkmobile - An mobile app that allows you to conveniently pay for parking.
  • Parking Kiosks - Located at parking facilities. Cash and credit cards are accepted at the kiosk. 

Register for Parkmobile

You can register your free ParkMobile account in a few ways: Parkmobile Logo

Where to Use ParkMobile

The ParkMobile app can be used on all on-street, beach parking lots and parking garages throughout the City. A $0.35 cent fee will be applied to all Parkmobile transactions. You can opt-in to receive a notification 15 minutes before your parking session is set to expire.

How to Pay with ParkMobile

  1. Look for ParkMobile signs/sticks with the zone number and phone number
  2. Once registered, open the app to engage your account.
  3. Provide zone number, add time and go!
  4. Already have a ParkMobile account? If you park in a parking garage, you will receive a prompt from ParkMobile when you enter the garage. The app will invite you to pay for parking, saving you a trip to the meter!

First 20 Minutes of Parking is Free

Morning errand or appointment? Just grabbing a coffee? In the Downtown location your first 20 minutes of parking is on us! You can park any time up to 20 minutes using the ParkMobile. You will still need to pay the $0.35 cent transaction fee. Another option is to enter your license plate in the nearest downtown meter to activate the 20 minutes, if you don't have Parkmobile.

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