Parking FAQ

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On this page, you will find answers to commonly asked questions about parking.

  • What is Parkmobile?

    Parkmobile is a pay-by-phone/app service that provides customers the convenience of paying for parking using their cell phone. Here's more information on Parkmobile.

  • What's the fee for unlawful parking (standard) violation?

    The fee is a $35 fine.

  • Can a person receive more than one ticket per day?

    Yes, they can receive multiple tickets. However, they cannot receive duplicate citations (same date + same space + same violation).

  • What is the late payment fee information?

    An additional twenty-five dollars ($25.00) civil penalty shall be imposed unless the amount designated on the complaint and parking ticket is paid within fourteen (14) calendar days from the date the complaint and parking ticket was affixed to that motor vehicle.

  • What is the consequence for non-payment and how long after non-payment will this happen?

    Any fees which remain unpaid for 90 days shall be referred to a registered collection agency, which will pursue the collection of said fines in an amount not to exceed 40% of the amount owed due to the City of Delray Beach, FL Ordinance Sec. 71.999.

  • What are the payment options?

    Payment Options:

    1. Online with a credit or debit card at our online parking citations portal.
    2. (Preferred) By Mail, please make check or money order out to the City of Delray Beach and Mail to PO Box 6787, Delray Beach, FL 33482 3. Leave check or money order in the drop box located at 95 1st NE Delray Beach, FL 33444.

    To ensure proper credit, include citation number on check or money order. Do not send cash in the mail. Payments cannot be accepted in person. For more information, please visit: parking citations portal or call 561-265-2100.

    Contest Citation: You may appeal this citation online within 14 days of issuance.

  • Where do I pay a parking citation?

    City of Delray Beach
    PO Box 6787
    Delray Beach, FL 33482

    • Drop Box: Check or money order

    95 NE 1st Avenue
    Delray Beach, FL 33444


    • Include the citation number on the check or money order.
    • Pay within 14 days of receiving a citation to prevent additional fees.
    • Payments are not accepted in person.
    • Do not mail in cash. Only checks or money orders are accepted.

  • How do I purchase a beach parking permit?

    Beach Parking Permit Page

    An annual beach parking permit can be purchased at City Hall, 100 NW 1st Ave. Delray Beach. The annual permit fee is $90 + tax.

    Senior citizens 62 and older, an annual parking permit can be purchased at City Hall. The annual permit fee for seniors is $95 + tax.

    The beach parking permits are valid for one year starting on October 1. The permit is not valid in the Gleason Street parking lot.

  • Is it true I can only park on Atlantic Avenue for 3 hours?

    Yes, the City's aim is to allow all visitors and residents the opportunity to enjoy Downtown Delray Beach's unique mix of small businesses, restaurants, and shops by enforcing time limits to turn over parking spots. For customers who wish to park for more than 3 hours, there are a variety of parking options including the public parking garages, beach-side public parking lots and the free public parking lots.

  • Are there any parking allowances for handicap people?

    Handicap people can park for free for up to 4 hours at all city spaces.
  • How do I contest a parking citation?

    To contest a parking citation the customer will need to go to rmcpay and input their citation number, license plate number or VIN to locate their citation. Once the citation is located it shows the customer the citation and to the right, there is a "pay" button and underneath there's an "info" and "appeal" button. To contest click on the appeal button to proceed with this option.