Our Beach Project

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Beach Area Master Plan History

The plans for our beach project was first conceived in 2009 by the Beach Property Owners' Association, Inc. (BPOA). During that year, local architect Bob Currie drafted a design concept showing ways to incorporate improvements to the beach. In the years to follow, the BPOA provided leadership on this topic in the community, holding charities and raising funds to serve as seed money to begin the project. When the economy slowed, however, the plan was postponed, but never forgotten.

The City Commission championed the cause, fast-tracking the project by providing funds to design the architecture and complete construction plans for the Beach Area Master Plan. Construction for the project began on April 3, 2017, and was completed by the beginning of October 2017.

Beach Project Highlights

The City has a number of projects under construction on our Beach and the barrier island at this time. Our work activities included:

  • Atlantic Dunes Pavilion
  • New lifeguard towers
  • Concrete sidewalks at the beach
  • Marking of turtle nests 

Atlantic Dunes Pavilion

 The original pavilion and boardwalk was destroyed by arson in June 2016, and was replaced exactly as it was with the exception that it is stronger and able to handle higher winds associated with major storm events. The replacement of the pavilion and boardwalk was completed in Fall 2018.

Lifeguard Tower Replacement

The City has replaced all eight of the current lifeguard towers with new towers that will provide greater public safety for beachgoers.  Features include:
  • They are designed on skids so that they can be maintained at a proper distance from the water due to changes beach changes caused by either beach renourishment projects and major storms.
  • The new towers are outfitted with impact glass and louvered aluminum shutters to lower over the windows to protect them from flying debris or vandalism.
  • New roofing to match the main pavilion and gazebos will be put in place.

Reclaimed Water

As part of the project,  reclaimed water, also known as recycled water, to barrier island is currently underway. Stormwater improvements in the area also include upgraded swales that will deliver stormwater to additional and larger sized stormwater inlets. This project received a grant from the South Florida Water Management District to offset the cost of installation of the reclaimed water pipe. The majority this water will be used to irrigate public places such as parks and golf courses.

Future reclaimed water lines are being designed in the Southwest Neighborhood during roadway reconstruction projects on SW 3rd Court, SW 4th Street, SW 6th Street and SW 7th Avenue. As the City prepares to begin design of a full neighborhood redesign for the Northwest Neighborhood, reclaimed water lines will be a part of that design as well.

Contact Us

For general questions concerning the construction, please contact Isaac Kovner at (561) 243-7341 for Atlantic Dunes Pavilion and the Beach Promenade. For the Reclaimed 12C project, please phone Cynthia Fuentes at (561) 243-7196.