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Atlantic High School Criminal Justice Academy

The purpose of the academy is to develop ninth through 12th-grade students into potential law enforcement, correctional and court system employees, to alter perceptions of policing, life ambitions, and to motivate students enrolled in the program. The program is also designed to provide students the opportunity to learn interpersonal and communication, proficiency, and employability skills through classroom instruction and activities.

In the program, students can achieve academic credits and the opportunity to receive Community Service Officer and Dispatcher certifications. In 2008, the program received national acclaim and national accreditation.

How to Join

To be considered for the Criminal Justice Academy Program contact:

Atlantic Community High School

2455 West Atlantic Avenue

Delray Beach, Florida 33445

Phone: (561) 243-1500

Fax: (561) 243-1532


Police Advisory

The Police Advisory Board acts as an advisory body to the Chief of Police, City Manager and City Commission on police policy and resource issues; serves as a conduit for the community to address their issues and community problems through a cooperative effort; to review community needs and concerns, expectations and responses relative to police services and community policing. Advises the police Department on and provide support for communication and education between the community and the Police Department.

Visit the Board and Committees page for meeting times, agendas and board application.

Police Explorers

The Delray Beach Police Department’s Explorer program is a career-oriented program that gives young adults the opportunity to explore a career in law enforcement by working with the agency. Founded on July 12, 1973, the Police Explorer program is one of the Exploring programs of Learning for Life, a non-Scouting subsidiary of the Boy Scouts of America.

How to Join

If you would like to become a part of our Explorer program, you must:

  • Be 14 to 21 years of age
  • Completed the eighth grade
  • A full-time student with a 2.0 or above GPA
  • Be in good standing within the community

There are many young adults interested in pursuing careers in law enforcement, but the interest is not a requirement in becoming a part of the program at this agency.

Police Explorer Duties

As a Delray Beach Police Explorer, participants in the program must meet all the obligations of becoming an explorer before being issued a Delray Beach Police Department explorer uniform. Qualified participants are also given authorization to ride along with police officers, receive extensive police-oriented training in traffic stops, defensive tactics, firearms, report writing, courtroom testimony, assist in community initiatives, and provide security for special events.

If you would like to join the Delray Beach Police Department’s Explorer program or would like to make a donation, please contact the Explorer Advisor Sergeant Scott or Sergeant Quinn.

Sergeant Terance Scott

Sergeant Daniella Quinn

Volunteer Program

The Delray Beach Police Department’s Volunteer Program consists of hundreds of dedicated men and women who devote countless hours of their time in adding to the safety and security of the city. The volunteers work in many capacities within the agency and throughout the city in positions such as: Clerical, Parking Enforcement, Roving Patrol, Citizens on Patrol, Elder Affairs, etc. The amazing countless hours contributed by the volunteers is equivalent to having 19 additional full-time employees. Similarly, the volunteers are obligated to uphold the same mission and standards as the agency’s full-time personnel.

To continue with the agency’s drive in being, what we consider as, the best police department across the nation, the agency has taken on an aggressive approach in developing and promoting positive working relationships and partnerships with its citizens, its business owners, its volunteers and with agency personnel. This strong and well-organized police-driven alliance has proven to be extremely effective in the agency’s crime-fighting efforts and has improved the overall quality of life for those who live in the City of Delray Beach. In 2008, the agency’s Volunteer Coordinator and the Chief of Police traveled to San Diego, California to accept an award for the Outstanding Achievement in Law Enforcement Volunteer Programs Award. At that time, the agency’s volunteer program was one of only three volunteer programs, worldwide, that received the award. In such, the agency’s fundamental policy continue to fully support the concept of crime prevention in our neighborhoods by encouraging residents to join the Delray Beach Police Department and its volunteers in working together to make a difference. Each year, the agency makes great strides in improving the quality of its services and attributes much of its success to the contributions made by the agency’s volunteer program.

If you're interested in becoming a part of the agency's volunteer program. contact Volunteer Majors:

Martin Tencer

(561) 243-7879


Bernard Zaretsky

(561) 243-7849

Volunteer Program

P2C (Police to Citizen)