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Battiloro, JohnPolice CaptainPolice(561) 243-7850
Crane-Baker, JohnPolice LieutenantPolice(199) 720-0520
Goldman, Jeffrey S.Chief of PolicePolice(561) 243-7851
Gray, VinniePolice LieutenantPolice(561) 243-7832
Guerriero, NicolePolice LieutenantPolice(561) 243-6233
Keating, RobertPolice LieutenantPolice(561) 243-7843
Mager, RussPolice LieutenantPolice(561) 243-7861
Mitchell, Thomas J.Police CaptainPolice(561) 243-7853
Moschette, MichaelPolice LieutenantPolice(561) 243-7827
Olsen, MariaAssistant Police ChiefPolice(561) 243-7851
Privitera, ScottPolice LieutenantPolice(561) 243-7811
Sapino, GenePolice LieutenantPolice(561) 243-7885
Saunders, RachelPolice CaptainPolice(561) 243-7850
Sims, JavaroActing Police ChiefPolice(561) 243-7851
Weatherspoon, DavidPolice LieutenantPolice(561) 243-7878