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Community Patrol Division

Within the City of Delray Beach’s 15.89 square mile radius, the Delray Beach Police Department’s Community Patrol Division is responsible for providing the public with the highest level of professional police service. To deliver such service, the square mile radius is divided into three Sectors: East, Central, and West. Each Sector personnel’s responsibility is to respond to calls for service, is the first responder to critical incidents, and enforces criminal statutes and municipal ordinances. As the backbone of the agency, the division’s personnel also employ both traditional and non-traditional policing methods and regularly collaborate with agency divisions to address various police matters. The division also focuses on eliminating crime problems, on improving quality of life issues and is committed to providing the city’s citizens, businesses, and visitors with continued comprehensive police services through community policing partnerships and problem solving initiatives.

Sector Assignments

  • The East Sector patrols Beats 1, 2, and 3
  • The Central Sector patrols Beats 4, 5, and 6
  • The West Sector patrols Beats 7, 8, and 9

Problem Oriented Policing Impact Team

The Problem Oriented Policing Impact Team (POP) is comprised of one police sergeant and four police officers that report to a Community Patrol Division Sector lieutenant. There are three POP teams and each team is assigned to the Community Patrol Division’s East, Central, and West Sectors and is deployed throughout the city. The teams essential functions includes investigating auto burglaries and thefts, conducting follow up of police cases, dealing with Street Level Narcotics issues, providing Community Policing/Problem Oriented Policing, conducting Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED) surveys, initiating neighborhood projects, and impacting neighborhood and crime matters.

Canine Unit

The Canine Unit currently consist of three-trained Canine police officer and three trained Canine police officer dogs that maximize the fundamentals of obedience, and proficiency, both restrained and unrestrained. The Canine police officers and their Canine partners are assigned to the agency’s Community Patrol Division and are responsible for providing assistance with searches for suspects hiding in structures, vehicle checks, the search for victims and/or missing persons, crowd controls, tracking, recovering weapons used in criminal activities, uncovering illegal drugs and drug paraphernalia, and Canine demonstrations. The Canine Unit is also assigned to safeguarding the citizens, businesses, and visitors of the city from potential harm and danger.

Community Response Division

Clean and Safe Unit

The Clean and Safe Unit consists of one sergeant, eight police officers and one community service officer. This unit is responsible for policing both the East and West Atlantic Avenue corridors, which are very complex and challenging assignments. The officers are assigned to patrol these areas to ensure the safety of the city’s citizens and visitors, who select to enjoy the shops, restaurants, clubs, hotels, and businesses the Avenue offers. The officers have established well-grounded partnerships with the local businesses and city entities and works closely with the West Atlantic Redevelopment Coalition, Community Redevelopment Authority, Delray Merchants Association, and the City’s Community Improvement Department’s Code Enforcement Section. In order to effectively deliver these essential services, bicycle, foot, and police vehicle patrols are conducted daily. Additionally, operations such as bar checks, robbery surveillance, and panhandling initiatives are also routinely conducted.

Community Service Officers

Community Service officers assist the police department’s sworn personnel with handling traffic issues, parking, delayed crime and other activities in order to make the department’s sworn personnel more available to respond to in-progress dispatched calls. The Community Service officers are also tasked with providing school crossing assistance to various schools within the city.

Traffic Unit

Community Response MotorcycleThe Traffic Unit, often referred to as the Motor Unit, investigates all traffic homicide crashes and enforcing traffic laws through directed moto patrols. The unit's primary objective is to address traffic-related issues and complaints.

The unit officers also initiate and respond to traffic enforcement issues, in addition to providing escorts for funerals, special events, analytical information, safety presentations, and demonstrations to our residents.

Special Operations Section

Community Response Officer The Special Operations Section is responsible for coordinating security and staffing needs for all special events sponsored by the City of Delray Beach. From small block parties to events that close all of Atlantic Avenue, to include the Saint Patrick’s Day and Holiday Parades, to large-scale tennis tournaments.

For the safety of the public, this section insures that the events are sufficiently staffed with trained law enforcement personnel. This section coordinate’s dignitary protection when those of such caliber visits the city and handles logistical issues for police department personnel in the aftermath of natural disasters.

This section also maintains a fleet of emergency response vehicles that are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Investigative Division

FingerprintThe Investigative Division is divided into two sections: Investigations and Narcotics Enforcement Section.

Criminal Intelligence Unit

The Criminal Intelligence Unit is responsible for analyzing crime, crime trends, and predictive policing. The unit gathers criminal intelligence as well as identifies prolific and targeted offenders, then disseminates this information for action to various entities within the police department to eradicate crime.

Crime Scene Unit

The Crime Scene Unit’s responsibility is to respond to crime scenes to collect essential evidence, which assist other sections or units, within the police department, with investigating and solving cases.

Evidence Unit

The Evidence Unit’s function is to ensure that all items placed into the police department’s secure evidence area is properly packaged, recorded (electronically or manually), and stored.

Narcotics Enforcement Section

The Narcotics Enforcement Section’s responsibility is to combat the supply of drugs that continue to impact the community. This is accomplished by preventing, reducing, and controlling crime, by decreasing the supply of drugs distributed in the community, and by lessening the profitability of those persons supplying the drugs.

Persons Unit

The Persons Unit’s responsibility is to conduct follow up investigations to reported crimes, i.e., robbery, burglary, auto-theft, battery, stalking homicide, and cases involving juveniles.

Property Unit

The Property Unit investigates white-collar crimes, i.e., check and insurance fraud and identity theft, etc.

Support Bureau

Accreditation and Program Services Unit

The Accreditation and Program Services Unit monitors compliance with state law enforcement accreditation standards and reaccreditation activities, manages the agency’s PowerDMS Electronic Document Management System, and coordinates and manages the agency’s Career Officer Program.

Community Affairs Office

It is the Community Affairs Office responsibility to oversee the agency’s youth initiatives, to include Delray Citizens for Delray Police, the Kids-N-Cops program, the Holiday Toy Drive Initiative, the Summer Baseball Camp, the Police Explorer program, and to schedule field trips for local elementary and middle school students.

Communications Section

The Communications Section is responsible for receiving and dispatching all emergency and non-emergency telephone calls that are place to the agency’s dispatch center. These services encompass police and fire telephone calls, along with fire dispatch services that are provided to the towns of Gulfstream and Highland Beach. All of the section’s personnel are 911 Public Safety Telecommunicator certified through the State Department of Health and Emergency Medial Dispatch, and the Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials Foundation (APCO). The Communication Section answer thousands of police and fire related telephone calls year-to-date.

Information Technology Unit

The agency’s Information Technology (IT) Unit is responsible for the agency’s computers and telephone systems, and any other equipment that utilizes software. The IT Unit is also tasked with the setup and maintenance of the agency’s In-car-Video System that is used in designated marked police units. The recorded audio and digital video footage are instrumental in providing irrefutable evidence for law and order, and is paramount to the safety and security of the community.

Police Information Service Section

The Police Information Services Section is comprised of Court Liaison, Data Entry, Front Desk/Records Management, and Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) personnel.

  • The Court Liaison serves as a link between the State Attorney, Public Defender, and Private Attorney’s offices, and processes subpoenas to personnel to ensure court-related appearances and/or issues requiring their attention is accomplished effectively, efficiently and expeditiously.
  • The Data Entry personnel are responsible for editing work for accuracy of input, organizing documents and data entry of information into the computer system, and for performing research and retrieval of information derived from agency reports, as deemed necessary for the agency and for public purposes.
  • The Front Desk/Records Management personnel are responsible for inquiries and complaints taken via telephone calls, for walk-in customers visiting the agency’s front lobby and for collecting parking ticket and penalty fines.
  • The Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) personnel are responsible for the reporting of serious offenses to the U.S. Department of Justice FBI.

Public Information Officer

The agency’s Public Information Officer’s (PIO) responsibility is to liaison with the media and the media’s direct contacts; serve as the agency’s spokesperson on police related matters, and maintain the agency’s social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc.).

Training Unit

SupportThe Training Unit is the core component to any successful organization. Aside from providing instruction to each agency personnel, the Training Unit processes police officer applicants yearly, assist with accreditation, field training, maintain training files for agency’s personnel, and ensure that all Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) mandates are in compliance