Residential Garage and Recycling Pickup Schedule

Garbage is collected Monday - Friday from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. There is no trash, recycles or yard waste collection on Thanksgiving and Christmas Day.  

View and download the garbage and recycling pick up schedule

If you live outside the City of Delray Beach limits, visit the Solid Waste Authority website.

We're Here to Help

  • To ask a question, submit a complaint about service or missed service: call us (561) 243-7203 option 2.
  • To report complaints/concerns about your waste removal service, send an email to or call (561) 202-2463
  • To have a container delivered or replaced, send your request to or call (561) 202-2463.
  • Recycle Bins are available through the Solid Waste Authority at (561) 697-2700.

Garbage and Recycling Guidelines

Bulk Waste
Large items other than yard waste, which can't be containerized or bagged may be placed curbside on scheduled day. Refrigerators, wash machines, lawn mowers, couches, bedding, and wood fences (up to 6') will be collected. Construction materials, boats, junk cars, boulders, and tree trunks will not be collected.
Battery Disposal

South Palm Beach County residents can drop off their non-alkaline batteries and household hazardous waste at Solid Waste Authority for free.

Battery types are:

  • Automotive batteries
  • Button batteries
  • Ni-Cad batteries
  • Lithium batteries

Drop-off locations are:

  • South County Transfer Station
  • 1901 SW 4th Ave, Delray Beach
  • South West County Transfer Station, 13400 S State Road 7 in Delray Beach.

Additional information visit the Solid Waste Authority Hazardous Waste Guidelines.

Biological Waste (Dead Animals, Fish, and Birds)
Biological waste must be located on a public right-of-way, park or other City property. For additional information, call Waste Management (561) 202-2463.
Household Hazardous Material Batteries, oil based

Batteries, oil based paint, light bulbs, chemicals, and similarly hazardous materials must be brought to the Palm Beach County Transfer Stations:

SW County Transfer Station
13400 South State Road 7
Delray Beach

Central County Transfer Station
1810 Lantana Road

Call (866) 792-4636 for operating hours. Email

Recycling Bins

 Recycling bins are available through the Solid Waste Authority website or by calling (561) 697-2700.



Vegetative Waste
Tree trimmings and branches should not be longer than 6' or more than 50 lbs. in weight. Grass and hedge clippings must be bagged and weigh 50 lbs. or less and not mixed with other type refuse.