Our goal is to have a clean city and to preserve the quality of our neighborhoods. We believe the only way to achieve these goals are to forge a bond between the City and the community. We encourage neighborhood involvement and actively pursue all violations which are not brought into compliance with time frames established by the Code Enforcement Board.

To view Code Enforcement Agendas and Minutes follow the link to Legistar and in the drop down menu where it says "All Departments" select "Code Enforcement Board" to view all agendas and minutes.

We Are Here to Help

To report a code enforcement issue there are three ways to do so:

  • Online: Report an issue online through our Citizen Support Center.
  • By Phone: Call (561) 243-7203 option 2  (weekdays)/ (561) 400-4511 (weekends)
  • In Person: Visit the Code Enforcement Division during open counter hours or by appointment. To schedule an appointment (561) 243-7203 option 2

We also work with residents, neighborhood associations, public service agencies, and other City departments to:

  • Conduct citywide observations for code issues.
  • Facilitate voluntary compliance with City codes.
  • Empower community self-help programs and projects.
  • Develop Public outreach programs.
  • Establish community priorities for enforcement programs.

Policy and Procedures