The Clean & Safe Division is responsible for the maintenance and beautification of Downtown Delray Beach, the Atlantic Avenue Corridor. The division also supports special events in the City.

To report a maintenance issue, within the downtown, submit a request through our Citizen Support Center or call 561-243-7287.

Public Safety

Clean & Safe works closely with members from the Clean & Safe Police Unit to relay concerns of suspicious and/or criminal activity, trespassing, and other public safety issues as they pertain to the District.

Sidewalk Buttlers

Sidewalk buttler jpg

Delray Beach is a coastal city, and as such we strive to reduce the waste that finds it way into our waterways and adversely affects marine life. Sidewalk Buttlers are a free and simple way to help protect our delicate and valuable ecosystem.

The city began this recycling program in March 2019 and, after just a few months, collected over 23,000 cigarette butts. There are 26 Sidewalk Buttlers located along East Atlantic Avenue, from Swinton to Northeast 5th Avenue.

Sidewalk Buttler 2 jpg

The waste collected is 100% recyclable. The cigarette butts are sent to Terracycle where they are breaker down and separated into compostable organic materials and inorganic filter materials. The program is free to the city and for every pound of cigarette waste collected $1 will be donated to the Keep America Beautiful Cigarette Litter Prevention Program.