Junior Lifeguard Program

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Junior Lifeguard Program
Delray_Beach Junior Lifeguards

Mission Statement 

The mission of the Junior Lifeguard Program is to provide orientation, training, and skills familiarization and allow exploration of physical skills, situational education and orientation to the ocean environment. Our aim is to be role models to the youngsters who come to us with a genuine interest in the work we do.

Purpose of the Program 

The purpose of the Junior Lifeguard Program s to encourage awareness, leadership, self-confidence, and provide an environment that allows young people a chance to explore lifeguarding as a possible career choice or as an interest. Four Elements of the Junior Lifeguard program include:

  • Emergency Medical Care
  • Competition/Physical skills training
  • Environment Awareness
  • Standard Operating Procedures


We are currently accepting registration for the 2019 Spring Break Junior Lifeguard Program

Swim Test 

All Junior Lifeguard applicants must pass a Swimming Proficiency Test that includes which consists of (1) swimming 100 yards continuously and (2) a two minute survival float at the deep end of the pool.

Ocean Rescue Basic Operations

Junior guards will become familiarized with how the beach is set up, operated throughout the day, and broken down. Set up includes opening the towers at 9:00 a.m., information board details, flag choice, surfing area designation (if applied), boat launching area, rescue equipment placement, medical and communications check.


Our instructors are Delray Beach Ocean Rescue Officers – EMTs who have been chosen to work with the Junior Lifeguard Program based on their work history, lifeguarding experience, desire and motivation. We choose staff members who have above average skills in the topic of the day. The Program Director is a Delray Beach Ocean Rescue Lieutenant, who acts as the lead instructor of the program. 


Uniforms will include a T-shirt, rash guard and visor. Parents must provide proper swimming attire. Boys must wear swimming trunks and girls training style bathing suits (no “bikinis” allowed). Participants will be required to wear uniforms.

What to Bring

Participants must bring a towel, a pair of goggles, and a positive attitude. We will provide drinking water.

 What to Expect

The Junior Lifeguard Program is physically demanding so expect lots of swimming, running, and paddling. On the last day of the program at 11:00 a.m., we will have an Awards Ceremony at Anchor Park for the participants with pizza and soft drinks. Parents are more than welcome to join us.

Junior Lifeguard Regional Competition 

Participants in the Summer Sessions will be eligible to compete in the USLA Southeast Region Junior Lifeguard Competition. As part of the City of Delray Beach Junior Lifeguard Competition Team, they will be competing with junior lifeguards from other beaches in the area. There are various events  they can enter such as Swim, Paddleboard Race, Distance Run, Surf Rescue, Ironman, Beach Flags, etc.