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Emergencies: Dial 911
Headquarters: 501 West Atlantic Avenue Delray Beach, FL 33444

Phone: (561) 243-7400

Fax: (561) 243-7461

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Beardsley, EdBattalion Chief, A-ShiftFire-Rescue(561) 243-7450
De Jesus, NealFire ChiefFire-Rescue(561) 243-7400
Demarest, ScottOcean Rescue CaptainFire-Rescue(561) 243-7352
Gaffney, DianneAdministrative AssistantFire-Rescue(561) 243-7352
Giaccone, GregoryBattalion Chief, C-ShiftFire-Rescue(561) 243-7450
Green, KevinAssistant Chief, AdministrationFire-Rescue(561) 243-7412
Kushnir, CraigMedical DoctorFire-Rescue
Lynch, ToddBattalion Chief, B-ShiftFire-Rescue(561) 243-7450
Saxton, KevinCaptain, Public Information OfficerFire-Rescue(561) 243-7400
Shade, Cecelia Administrative OfficerFire-Rescue(561) 243-7411
Steve, MoewsDivision Chief Fire-Rescue(561) 243-7440
Tomey, KeithAssistant Chief, OperationsFire-Rescue(561) 243-7487
Wetzel, DavidDivision ChiefFire-Rescue(561) 243-7414
Wotton, Phil Ocean Rescue Division ChiefFire-Rescue(561) 243-7352