Parking and Curbside Management Plan

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The City of Delray Beach has initiated a study to identify solutions for issues potentially contributing to impaired mobility in the downtown core business district. The result of this study is to create a Master Plan to identify projects and opportunities that will maximize curbside resources and reduce conflicts between competing demands.

Identified concerns of residents, customers, and merchants include the safe and reliable use of streets, parking, and sidewalks created by several factors:

  • parking type, availability, and locations;
  • ride share services impacts;
  • valet parking services function and locations;
  • delivery services and loading zones serving downtown restaurants and businesses; and
  • pedestrian activity and demands.

The project includes a review of existing data and gathering data to fill information gaps on public and private parking demand and supply, special events, downtown employee needs, and future development projects affecting the study area.

Significant public outreach will soon be underway, including pop-up input stations, surveys, and public workshops to gather public input on parking deficiencies, cost of parking downtown, preferences for parking alternatives, and suggestions on valet parking operations.

The outcome of the study will provide better parking management, and valet and curbside management solutions that will be developed into a holistic Parking and Curbside Management Master Plan.

This study was supported by the Parking Management Advisory Board and the Downtown Development Authority.


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Updated: February 21, 2020