Comprehensive Plan

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The Comprehensive Plan guides future growth and redevelopment for Delray Beach regarding land use, mobility, housing, historic preservation, healthy community, education, open space and recreation, conservation, capital improvement, strategic partnerships, infrastructure, and coastal management. Each of these topics is written as a separate element within the Comprehensive Plan. All elements together must be compatible and complement the other elements, thus ensuring a systematic plan for redevelopment.

Monitoring and implementing the Comprehensive Plan constitutes a major function of Long Range Planning and includes:

  • Processing Comprehensive Plan Amendments to reflect tasks accomplished or changes in policy direction;
  • Preparing an Annual Report that analyzes the cumulative impact of all land use actions on growth projections and the progress of infrastructure programs and activities within the last fiscal year;
  • Tracking the City's Capital Improvement Program by providing input on the capital budget as it relates to consistency with the five year schedule of capital improvement projects and Comprehensive Plan policies; and,
  • Preparing Studies or Activities needed to fulfill specific goals of the Comprehensive Plan.


Always Delray (The Updated Comprehensive Plan)

The update to the Delray Beach Comprehensive Plan, which is branded “Always Delray,” began with the creation of a Steering Committee, appointed by the City Commission. Community workshops were held at the outset to discuss and receive public input on the plan subjects and issues impacting the city. The community and Steering Committee input, along with the input of Subject Matter Experts, consisting of City Staff, consultants, and community members, was utilized to formulate the elements.

Always Delray includes 13 Elements:

Neighborhoods, Districts and Corridors (fka Future Land Use);

Mobility (fka Transportation);

Economic Prosperity;

Education (fka Public Schools Facilities);

Conservation, Sustainability and Resiliency (fka Conservation);

Historic Preservation;


Open Space, Parks, and Recreation (fka Open Space & Recreation);

Coastal Management;

Public Facilities and Services (fka Public Facilities);

Capital Improvement;

Strategic Partnerships (fka Intergovernmental Coordination); and,

Healthy Community.


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