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Frequently Asked Questions

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When is a Landscape Permit required by the City of Delray Beach?

When the landscape improvements (cost of the purchase of the plants only) exceed $1,000, then the submittal of a ‘Landscape Permit’ application is required. If a single-family (fee simple) resident wants to submit for a permit under their name, then they must fill out and submit an ‘Owner-Builder Affidavit’. At a minimum, a sketch Landscape Plan must be submitted with the application. (Does not require a Landscape Architect signed & sealed plan.) See LDR 4.6.16(C)(1)(b)1. through 14. for Landscape Plan requirements.

A Multi-Family/Commercial/Industrial property owner must comply fully with LDR 4.6.16(C)(1)(b)1. through 15. A Landscape Architect’s signed and sealed Landscape Plan is required.


As a single-family (fee simple) homeowner in the City of Delray Beach, do I have to obtain a Tree Removal Permit?

If a tree (hardwood or palm) is 4 inches diameter at breast height (DBH)-4 1/2 feet above the ground, then the removal requires a ‘Tree/Scrub/Vegetation Removal’ application to be submitted. If  single-family (fee simple) resident wants to submit for a permit under their name, then they must fill out an ‘Owner-Builder Affidavit’. At a minimum, the tree must be indicated on a survey of the property where it is located. Residents in one of the historic districts or in a beach property owners district, must submit a professional tree survey with the application. For single-family and duplex residences, a licensed tree trimmer (Approved by Palm Beach County. Requires for them to be insured.) or a Certified Arborist (Professional trained in arboriculture and licensed through the State of Florida.) should be indicated as the individual removing the tree. The removal of the tree may require for it to be replaced to meet the minimum requirements under LDR 4.6.16 (H)(1)(a).

For Multi-Family/Commercial/Industrial property owners, a licensed tree trimmer or Certified Arborist must submit the permit application. A professional tree survey is required to be submitted with the application, that indicates the tree(s) to be removed.