Historic Preservation Applications

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Historic Preservation Development Applications

Certificate of Appropriateness

Making changes to a historic structure and/or district requires a Certificate of  Appropriateness (COA) application.


The Delray Beach Historic Preservation Board reviews all variance requests for properties located within a designated historic district, or for properties individually listed on the Local Register of Historic Places.  An application for a variance must also accompany an associated COA application for the proposed improvement.

Historic Designation

To qualify as a historic site, historic district, historic structure, or historic interior, individual properties, structures, sites, or buildings, or groups of properties, structures, sites, or buildings must have significant character, interest, or value as part of the historical, cultural, aesthetic, and architectural heritage of the city, state, or nation. 

Historic Property Tax Exemption

The Historic Property Tax Exemption is designed to encourage the preservation and rehabilitation of properties that are historically significant. The exemption is available to owner occupied residences and/or income producing properties that are historically contributing to a historic district or those individually listed in the Local Register of Historic Places.