Designation Criteria

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How to Qualify as a Historic Site 

To  to qualify as an historic site a property must fulfill one or more of the following criteria:

  • Is associated with the life of a person important in city, state, or national history;
  • Is associated in a significant way with a major historic event of a cultural, economic, social, military, or political nature;
  • Exemplifies the historical, political, cultural, or social trend of the community in history;
  • Is associated with a past or continuing institution, which has contributed substantially to the City's life.

The building, site, or structure is deemed to have significant architectural or aesthetic significance if it:

  • Portrays the environment in an era of history characterized by a particular architectural style;
  • Embodies the distinguishing characteristics of an architectural style, period, or method of construction;
  • Is an historic or outstanding work of a prominent architect, designer, landscape architect, or builder;
  • Contains elements of design, detail, material, or craftsmanship of outstanding quality, or which represented, in its time, a significant innovation or adaptation to the South Florida environment.

Certificate of Appropriateness Applications

Making changes to a locally designated historic structure and/or district requires a Certificate of  Appropriateness (COA) application.

  1. The application is submitted through the Building division and reviewed by staff according to the Secretary of the Interior Standards and the Local Historic Preservation Ordinance.
  2. A hearing is scheduled before the Historic Preservation Board. The Board will review the staff reports and makes their conclusions upon a board vote for each item presented. 
  3. After the COA application has been approved, the Building division must review and approve all projects and plans for permitting. A permit will be issued without an approved COA.