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Planning & Zoning Contact Information

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The Development Services Department is located within City Hall at 100 NW 1st Avenue in the attached one-story wing on the north side of the building. Our hours of operation are Monday - Friday, 8:00 am - 5:00 pm.

For general inquiries, please call (561) 243-7040 or email The Department fax number is (561) 243-7221.

Timothy Stillings, AICP
(561) 243-7043

Executive Assistant
Diane Miller
(561) 243-7041

Administrative Office Coordinator
Rochelle Sinisgalli
(561) 243-7040

Planner in Training
Raisa Saniat

Planner in Training
Rachel Falcone

Planner in Training

Kizzi Alexandre


Current Planning Division

Principal Planner
Scott D. Pape, AICP
(561) 243-7321

Senior Planner
Christine Stivers
(561) 243-6056

Senior Planner
Kent Walia, AICP
(561) 243-7365

Senior Landscape Planner
William "Bill" Wilsher
(561) 243-7226

Debora Slaski
(561) 243-7348

Michael Vinci
(561) 243-7045

Assistant Planner
Jennifer Buce
(561) 243-7138

Historic Preservation Division

Principal Planner
Michelle Hoyland
(561) 243-7039

Assistant Planner
Abe Fogel
(561) 330-6054

Long Range Planning Division

Principal Planner
Anthea Gianniotes, AICP
(561) 243-7325

Senior Planner
Jasmin Allen
(561) 243-7044

Senior Planner
Amy Alvarez, AICP
(561) 243-7284

GIS Specialist
Marlene Brunot
(561) 243-6053

GIS Specialist
DeAnna Scenna
(561) 243-6213