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Building Division Contact Information

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The Planning, Zoning and Building Department is located within City Hall at 100 NW 1st Avenue in the one-story wing on the north side of the building. Our hours of operation are Monday - Friday, 8:00 am - 5:00 pm.

For general inquiries, please call (561) 243-7200, email:, or fax (561) 243-7221.

Banks, GregoryElectrical InspectorDevelopment Services(561) 243-7225
Barker, DeniseSenior Permit TechDevelopment Services(561) 243-7216
Buzen, KristinaPermit SupervisorDevelopment Services(561) 243-7211
Cogg-Jones, DevonaStaff AssistantDevelopment Services(561) 243-7201
Collaretti, ChristinaAdministrative AssistantDevelopment Services(561) 243-7048
Durr, WilliamBuilding Inspector'Development Services(561) 243-7233
Garrison, EugenePlumbing InspectorDevelopment Services(561) 243-7217
Glover, DavidLandscape Site InspectorDevelopment Services(561) 243-7227
Herbert, DavePlan Reviewer Development Services(561) 243-7427
Icaro, DanBuilding Inspector'Development Services(561) 243-7223
Johnson, MichaelMechanical InspectorDevelopment Services(561) 243-7234
Lugo, RalphPlan Reviewer - EngineeringDevelopment Services(561) 243-7220
Lyons, PatrickPlan ReviewerDevelopment Services(561) 243-7245
Martin, LaterylStaff AssistantDevelopment Services(561) 243-7237
Perez, ElizabethPlan ReviewerDevelopment Services(561) 243-7165
Thome, LauraPermit TechDevelopment Services(561) 243-7215
Tierney, BridgetPermit TechDevelopment Services(561) 243-7206
Tobias, SteveChief Building OfficialDevelopment Services(561) 243-7200
Torres, JenniferStaff AssistantDevelopment Services(561) 243-7205