Residency Identification Cards

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Residency identification cards provides City Residents lower resident rates at City operated recreation facilities such as the Delray Beach Municipal Golf Course or Tennis Center. 

Residency Card Requirements

To qualify for a residency card, a resident must provide the following items:

  • Valid Driver's License with current address; and
  • Must provide a "Declaration of Domicile" or other legal proof documenting the City of Delray as primary residence; or
  • Must provide a valid lease for a minimum of six months or more, a copy of the lease is acceptable. If applicable, must provide Domestic Partnership Agreement or other related documentation;
  • Or must provide a current property tax bill


Residency I.D. Cards are offered increments as follows:
One Year -  $12.00
Two Year - $20.00 
Three Year - $27.60 

I.D. cards expire in one, two or three years respectively from the date of purchase. 

 City Clerk

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