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Serving on a board or committee is a great opportunity to participate in local government. We have 21 active advisory board and committees, each created to perform specific functions. In addition, task forces and ad-hoc committees may be created to address particular issues.

Below you'll find a listing of all our Boards and Committees, vacancies and information on how to apply.

How to Apply

To apply, submit a Board Membership Application.

The City Commission appoints members of the boards and committees. All positions are voluntary and members are not compensated for their time. However, the individuals who serve on the boards and committees provide an invaluable service to the city. Their advice and expertise on a wide range of topics assist the City Commission in its decision-making process.

Board Member applications must be received no later than ten (10) business days prior to the first City Commission Meeting at which the Commissioner is eligible to nominate and appoint the prospective board member.

In general, individuals may serve on only one board or committee at a given time, with the exception of ad-hoc committees or task forces. Most advisory groups meet at least once a month, however, there are varying degrees of commitment, depending on the board. Membership requirements vary with each board and committee. 


Affordable Housing Advisory Committee 11 Regular Members  Person who is employed in an   area of labor actively engaged in   home building.
Northwest/Southwest Advisory Board

5 Regular Members

 Members shall be residents of or   own property in the Northwest   or  Southwest sections of the   City  or own a business within   the  Northwest or Southwest   sections of the City.
Police Advisory Board
2 (Student Members)
The membership shall include a   diverse cross section of the   community; business owners,   religious and faith based   organizations, youth, school   officials and local organizations,   where feasible.

Public Records

All board and committee meetings are open to the public pursuant to the State of Florida's Sunshine Law. Sufficient notice must be given to the public before a meeting is called. All proceedings are matters of public record.


 City Clerk

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